Amateur Radio

I was first licensed in August 1983 for 144Mhz and above. In 2003 my licence was changed to include the HF bands. I operate on HF, 6M, 2M and 23cms. Following the purchase of a Flex 1500 SDR I have become very interested in QRP working and am a member of the GQRP Club. I have recently achived DXCC status on HF mixed and phone modes. 

HF:- Flex 1500 / FT897 / FT817 Radio Works Carolina Windom 40 / Butternutt HF2V

6M:- Flex 1500 / FT897/ FT817 Crushcraft 3ele Yagi

2M:- FT225RD / DownEast Microwave Transverter 9ele Tonna

23cms:- DB6NT Transverter G4BAO Amplifier 44ele Wimo

WAB TQ18 Greater London, LBH, Book Nr 4648

Locator IO91SM

All QSO's entered into LoTw. 

QSL's welcomed via the buro / direct.

73 Chris


item2GW6XDI/p North Wales.